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27-May-2016 17:18

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By pushing boundaries with inventive preparations and exotic produce it is only a matter of time before meat lovers become veggie believers.

So the next time you get a hankering for nature’s rockstar bounty, reference our upscale, in between and casual vegan and vegetarian picks.

Rachel: She seemed really nice, really friendly and not a person who would bash me to The Washington Post. We didn’t get to the menu until the waiter had come to see us three times.

I felt much happier after I asked if she wanted to hang out and she said she would.

Upscale, in between and casual vegan and vegetarian food options in the District.

The national campaign to eat vegetables for a week ended last month and we’re back to old habits.

I worried, as she did, that the word "vegan" could trigger fear in the heart of the average NYC male. I became vegan by "living my truth" (to borrow a phrase from author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau), was I really going to find love by living a lie? I, like so many other women, had been working to twist and contort myself into the perfect mold of the desirable date. I don't know what struck this faith in my heart that being true to myself was the answer, but I realized that I needed to pay attention to my own feelings and comfort levels -- and not try so hard to fit a generic format that was rumored to be the ticket to love (and wasn't working for anyone I knew).

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Whether that translates to spending time together, I don’t know. We have plans for next week — it’s a long time from now because we’re both really busy.Not long ago, one of my friends and I sat in a cute, small bar on Manhattan's Lower East Side, exchanging stories and tips about dating in New York City.

The cast of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" reunited and we just can't stop freaking out. Grace Bowman on "Secret Life," married long time boyfriend Tyler Hilton -- who you might remember as Chris Keller on "One Tree Hill" -- in a quaint ceremony. This unexpected happy reunion got us wondering what the "Secret Life" cast has been up to since the show wrapped in 2013. She guest starred on both "CSI" and "About a Boy," and has two movies in production: "What About Love," which she co-stars in alongside Sharon Stone, and "Higher Power," an sci-fi action flick set for 2016.… continue reading »

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