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25-Aug-2016 18:48

To apply the FY2018 tuition remission rates, go to Budget Smart Form 1.2 F&A Rate Determination, Question 10.0 ERE and Tuition Remission Rates Effective Date, and select the effective date: 06/19/2017.

Reminder: ERA will automatically apply the FY2018 tuition remission rates to any proposal created on and after June 19, 2017.

I know what you’re thinking: “what a great time to learn a good lesson about the power of dimensional models! See, if you go hunting for nests using all the data from before the switch, you’ll find nests mixed with both kinds of Pokemon. Luckily, the schema we are using in Pokelyzer is designed to handle such situations.

All we have to do is "INSERT INTO spotted_pokemon (name, encounter_id, last_modified_time, time_until_hidden_ms, hidden_time_unix_s, hidden_time_utc, spawnpoint_id, longitude, latitude, pokemon_id, longitude_jittered, latitude_jittered, pokemon_go_era) VALUES (s) ON CONFLICT (encounter_id) DO UPDATE SET last_modified_time = EXCLUDED.last_modified_time, time_until_hidden_ms = EXCLUDED.time_until_hidden_ms, hidden_time_unix_s = EXCLUDED.hidden_time_unix_s, hidden_time_utc = EXCLUDED.hidden_time_utc;" If somebody names these eras something special in the future, we can just create a new table like we did for the Pokemon Info table and join them to give them names.

Für weitere Informationen über den neuen ERA oder andere Business-Produkte der Version 6 besuchen Sie bitte die Seite Was ist neu beim ERA 6?

As you might have heard, nests have suddenly and dramatically switched around.

The Status Report will not contain any failing scores or other non-passing attempts.

If you passed the ECFMG CSA, the ECFMG Status Report will list the month and year of your passing performance.

ERA-Interim data can be downloaded from the ECMWF Public Datasets web interface or from MARS (class=ei, expver=1).

The SQL to update this was really easy, but all this “insert a new line into a Python file” kind of sucks.

When I started this project, this was just something I hacked together and I honestly didn’t expect the uptake it has received.

The data assimilation system used to produce ERA-Interim is based on a 2006 release of the IFS (Cy31r2).

The system includes a 4-dimensional variational analysis (4D-Var) with a 12-hour analysis window.The ECFMG Status Report contains the month and year that you passed examinations, but not your actual scores.

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