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Meanwhile, jealous Lila Fowler starts a rumor about French teacher Nora Dalton, whom her father George has been dating.In the end, both Jessica and Lila get their comeuppance.Very very special thanks to Diaries reader JP for this CHRONOLOGICAL list of books from the Sweet Valley High Series. I have tried and failed to compile such a list before.

A DVD of the first season was released on 8 March 2005; it is the only season released on DVD to date.#10 Wrong Kind of Girl (July 1984) #11 Too Good to be True (August 1984) #12 When Love Dies (September 1984) #13 Kidnapped!(October 1984) #14 Deceptions (December 1984) There was no book for November for some unexplained reason.Hijinks ensue when Elizabeth and Jessica are both nominated for Homecoming Queen.

When Elizabeth wins, there are hard feelings and manipulation is plotted.

Elizabeth Wakefield really likes Todd Wilkins and he likes her but her twin sister Jessica wants Todd for herself.

It should be smiling, looking at the camera, and a clear shot of your face.… continue reading »

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