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06-Jun-2016 22:54

My whole family was invited in May of 2010 to a high school graduation party.My younger sister and I spent several years competing on a privately owned dance team, and the girl graduating had been our teammate.The graduation party invite was for a BBQ-style get-together in the backyard of the family’s home from 5 to 7pm.

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I’ll be writing a check for a K catering order, for a two day conference.If anyone deserves a tip, a caterer definitely does! So much so that most catering companies include a 15-18% “service charge” in their contracts. It is divided up amongst the workers who contributed to your event.Now, if you have a service charge in your contract and the service the caterer provided was below par, not only should you discuss with the caterer that your expectations were not met and you want to knock down the tip percentage, but, you have every right to ask that the price of the event be amended, too!My friend Jamie, age 29, always expects her dates—no matter how they met, or who asked out whom—to pick up the tab.

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She’s financially well-off in her own right, with a successful career and busy social life, but for her, how someone takes care of her on a date represents how well that person will (or won’t) take care of her in all areas of life.

You don’t always get a perfect match when you’re searching for a mate on Tinder.

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