An error occurred while updating files diablo 3

11-Sep-2016 00:05

I've searched for threads related to this issue (as well as googled), but I could not find any solutions.

If it matters, I have the official korean and english language packs installed.

Today when launcing Diablo 3 I got the following error:"An unexpected error occurred while updating required files. The closest thread I found was this: (I posted in that topic also)Sorry if my googling skills have failed me, but I couldn't find a topic with this exact problem.

It's weird as the game was working fine until today. I googled around a bit for solutions but so far I've found nothing where an actual answer is posted.

Running the program, the Diablo 3 launcher opens, it then opens the Blizzard launcher.

After a short moment, the Diablo 3 launcher goes away, and I am left with the Blizzard Launcher, which has no information in it. A short while later a popup arrives stating:«An unexpected error occurred while updating required files.

As I never use IE I'd forgotten to take the setting back off when the problems went away, and as the patcher relies on IE it wasn't working.

an error occurred while updating files diablo 3-46

Daiper chat rooms

Clearly something else must be going on if a game that worked 4 hours ago no longer works.

The only thing I've done in the last day on this computer is download the latest AMD drivers, any chance it could be something to do with that?

Right, I've managed to work out what the problem was.

Is there any update, or can there be an update, from someone in the know about this issue.thanks, jeff Hello, Please open the downloader again, you don't have to re–download the full game, just open the downloader and let it finish the full installation process by itself.

Usually this error is caused by the download being incomplete or being interrupted.Edit: It turns out Peerblock was causing the issue.

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